Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I apologize for being rather MIA the past couple of weeks. We finished school, took a big, ol' field trip, cleaned bedrooms, and entertained guests.

To catch up a bit: The first order of business after school was a promised field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, with a stop at Navy Pier after to wait for rush hour to be over. We all had a great time.
At the U-505 exhibit

On the plane

Posing for pictures

Enjoying the gardens at Navy Pier

After the fun, we worked, worked, and worked at cleaning the children's bedrooms. We had three times the usual amount of trash and recycling that Friday because they had squirreled so much away in their rooms. Yikes! The good news was that everything was ready for Grandpa and Grandma to visit for Memorial Day weekend.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get out my camera. So, here are some pictures from the 60th Annual Wauconda Memorial Day Parade (the largest and longest-running in Lake County, in case you're wondering).

can you believe it? they had tractors!

Grandpa and Grandma enjoying the parade.

Over the weekend, Grandma admired our lovely new tree, planted last summer. That, in combination with the return of some of our schoolbooks from a friend who borrowed them, inspired today's poetry wednesday selection.

Sara Coleridge

The Oak is called the king of trees,
The Aspen quivers in the breeze,
The Poplar grows up straight and tall,
The Peach tree spreads along the wall,
The Sycamore gives pleasant shade,
The Willow droops in watery glade,
The Fir tree useful timber gives,
The Beech amid the forest lives.

Nice little poem, but nothing about our maple tree. Autumn Blaze Maple it is. I'll post pictures of the bright leaves this fall.

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