Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Celebrate All Year

A milestone birthday is worth celebrating all year long. Thursday night I left my family in the suburbs and took the train to my sister's condo in the city. Friday morning, Molly and Beth joined us for a day of eating, and walking, our way through another birthday celebration.

We started at Ann Sather's - the cinnamon rolls! the amazing French toast!

Then walked to, and through, the Museum of Contemporary Art. Carrie wondered if it was worth it - but we saved the best exhibit for last. Success after all!

Then to Carrie's excellent recommendation for dinner - Ciao Amore. Oh. my. word. If you think you've had excellent Italian food, you haven't until you've eaten at Ciao Amore. The Gnocchi are a-maz-ing. So good, so fun - we spent three hours over dinner. Magnifique! (OK- that's French, but I don't know Italian.)

We brushed aside the waiter's recommendations for dessert - we were headed to Margie's Candies! Yummy Terrapins, hot fudge sundaes - the perfect ending to the perfect day.

When can we do it again?


swede said...

I like that Beth and Molly are so serious about their sundae.

P.S. I am stealing the pics of me for FB.

Kris Livovich said...

Happy Late Birthday, Michelle! Looks like you had a fantastic time!

Carol said...

I want to try the cinnamon rolls and the Italian place! Do you think Carrie will take me there for my birthday?

Beth said...

I know. I think something sad must have been said, though maybe we were just remembering how much I loved Guns n Roses in the day.Thank you Michelle for sharing your special day with me. It is never too soon to do it again! Love to you.