Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Free Really Worth It?

I grew up in a bargain-hunting family. We bought what we needed at the best price possible. I’m still like that – which is why I choose Shaklee.

My friend, Harriet (she’s in on the right, I’m on the left), loves bargains, and Shaklee, too. I appreciate her perspective on choosing Shaklee – I’m sure my mother felt much the same way when she decided to switch our family to Shaklee products in 1975.
“It was a big step for me to buy my first bottle of Vita-Lea (Shaklee’s multi); I bought it only because IT CAME WITH A GUARANTEE -- feel better in 30 days or get all your money back. I was positive I would get my money back because I’d been taking C-----m (a store brand) for years and never felt any different. I had been taught in nurse’s training that all vitamins are the same so buy the least expensive.

You see, back in 1965 the U.S. Government said there was no difference between a synthetic substance and a natural substance. That is when vitamin companies could start making synthetic vitamins and still call them “natural”. Of course, it was cheaper to make synthetic vitamins. Even today a vitamin can be labeled 100% natural and contain only 10% natural ingredients. Today you can’t even recognize a good nutritional product because the industry isn’t regulated; it’s a buyer beware market.

Shaklee Corporation never made the shift to synthetic because of Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy—of producing vitamins in HARMONY with NATURE. Everything that goes into every Shaklee bottle is designed to make you healthier. Shaklee is different—it’s a company with integrity that you can trust.

After only a few days of taking Vita-Lea, I started feeling better with more energy. I got more done every day. It was worth it to me to buy Shaklee vitamins instead of the almost “fr.ee” ones because of how I felt. It’s been said that the most expensive supplements you can buy are the ones that don’t work and I believe it.”

So do I! Thanks Harriet, for sharing your experience. Today, Harriet and I both rely on Vitalizer for our daily energy boost and nutritional insurance. And it still comes with a guarantee – take it for 30 days, if you don’t feel better you’ll get your money back. Really, there’s nothing to lose.

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