Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Sweet Husband

My husband loves me. He really does. He showed me just how much this week when he went to Sam's Club for me. I gave him a specific list of what we needed: milk, OJ, eggs, cheese and a few other things. He came home with several more items, one of which was a big, I mean HUGE, bag of Dark Chocolate M&M's.

"What's that?" I asked him, trying to be oh-so-nonchalant and calm.

"Oh, honey, I got these for you, because I know how you love them," he replied, giving me a hug. "I can take them back if you don't want them," he added with a knowing smile and a twinkle in his eye.

I wanted to scream, "YES! Take them back! Have you not noticed I've been up early every morning for the past week & a half working out? Have you not heard me when I told you I'm trying to watch what I eat?"

But I couldn't. He loves me enough to bring me an XXL bag of Dark Chocolate M&M's.

So, I smiled and said, "Wow, thanks for thinking of me."

I put away the rest of the groceries, leaving out 'the bag,' and left the room. I thought I'd leave them on the counter and take them to my mother's, where I could share them with the rest of my family.

But every time I went into the kitchen to refill my water, they were just staring at me - big purple M&M bag. I swear I saw the yellow one wave at me and beckon me closer.

I ended up putting them in an empty Cinch shake canister (a meal replacement shake - catch the irony here? - but a handy hiding spot), so my kids wouldn't get on a sugar high in the morning. They wouldn't all fit though, so I had to eat a couple of handfuls before I went to bed.

I put them in a custard dish to eat out the different colors - the only way to eat them! - and by the time I got through with brown, blue & yellow, I didn't want any more.

Seriously, I didn't want anymore. I was really quite shocked. I put the rest in a baggie for later. Which ended up being much later. Like over 24 hours later. And that wasn't a huge self-control issue for me either. I went through my day, knowing I had a handful just waiting for me - all green, orange and red - and it didn't tempt me.

So, in all honesty, I think it was the best gift he ever gave me. It taught me that life IS GOOD without dark chocolate M&Ms. Who knew? I sure didn't.

Tonight, I'm taking them to share with a lot of other people - Cinch container and all. Whatever's left over goes to my mother's. Just in case.

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