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September 2005 Healthy Homes e-newsletter

School is back in session and our fall routine is kicking into gear this week. I have lots of projects to finish on my house. But, whenever I feel overwhelmed, I am reminded to be thankful. Thankful for simple things like running water, a roof over my head, beds for my children to sleep in, food to eat. My heart goes out to those in New Orleans, southern Mississippi and southern Alabama whose lives are still in chaos because of Hurricane Katrina.

1) Words from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai

2) Strategies for staying well this winter

1) Words from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai

One woman who has dedicated her life to a better environment for her fellow countrywomen is Wangari Maathai, the first environmentalist and African woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was privileged to hear Wangari speak at the recent company convention in Chicago. I wanted to share a few words of her speech.

“It is humbling to know that Dr. Shaklee was preaching the philosophy of preventive medicine in harmony with nature long before environmentalism became fashionable. As members of the extended family of Shaklee you have inherited a great legacy and I am very impressed by your way of sustaining it and allowing it to grow to greater heights.

“Great ideas do not die with their sources, but it takes great people to keep them alive, visible and successful. You are such a people and I honor you and your chairman for your commitment. …

“Watch out for me and do not leave me behind: I will be the one in green planting trees along the way!

“Since I joined you at this convention, I have felt a deep connection with you and the company you have created. I feel that w are walking a similar path and toward the same goal of improving the quality of life of other people even as we improve our own. I salute you for your determination to do the right thing for yourselves, the earth and humanity. Wise men and women everywhere teach that going beyond self, reaching out to others and attending to their needs bring the greatest satisfaction for a life well lived. Indeed the idea that eventually developed into the Green Belt Movement was started in an effort to serve others.”

You can read the rest of Wangari’s speech here. She explains how she got started planting trees and how that led to a change in the government in her country of Kenya.

I wrote down several quotes from her speech I enjoyed. One of my favorites is this: “Dealing with only symptoms is not enough. We must deal with both causes and symptoms.” This is true in every aspect of life – from parenting to preventing illness.

3) Strategies for staying well this winter.

I’ve had a couple of people call me this month, asking how I keep my family well. I thought it might be a good topic for a newsletter, then my husband got strep throat (for the third time in eight months!). While at the doctor’s office getting him antibiotics, the doctor decided he wanted to test the rest of us to see if any of us were carrying the strep bacteria and reinfecting Glen.

Imagine our surprise when the tests came back positive for ALL of us! NONE of the rest of us have been sick with strep, but we had been reinfecting Glen over the course of these months.

After we all got in the van, Glen said, “It goes to show how eating right and taking your vitamins really helps.” It’s so true! Glen had been stressed out in July, with our new house and work issues – he had quit eating breakfast and stopped taking his vitamins that month. Lo and behold, he got sick again.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have had the strep bacteria in our system for who knows how long. But, we were eating right and taking our vitamins, and none of us got sick. In fact, we all felt worse once we got on antibiotics.

As a mom, I don’t have the luxury of being sick, or even FEELING sick. So what’s my strategy for staying well?

1) Air purifier: kills viruses and bacteria in the air. Plus, it destroys the gases, and drops all the “floaties” out of the air. You can read more at

2) "box and a can": Includes a multi-vitamin, B complex, sustained release vitamin-C, vitamin-E complex and Soy Protein. These nutrients work to bring your body back in balance. Plus, a protein “shake” (as my kids call them) in the morning keeps me going all morning, with no mid-morning crash.

3) a patented immune builder: this product is astounding. It naturally increases the interferon response in your body – your immune system’s first line of defense. I tried to stop taking it this summer, but within days my allergy symptoms started up again. I started right back up on it. To learn more about interferon, check out The video is especially informative.

4) Extra multi-vitamin, B complex, echinacea, garlic & alfalfa: yes this is a long list, but when I start to feel run down, or a bit of a sore throat coming on, I want to hit it with all I’ve got. These extra nutrients, plus the echinacea (to jump start the immune system), Garlic (natural antiviral, antibacterial) and Alfalfa (natural anti-inflammatory, plus other benefits), give my body the extra ammunition it needs to fight off the “bad guys.”

My strategy for the children is slightly different… more about that next month

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