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Healthy Homes Newsletter July 2005

I trust you all had an enjoyable Fourth of July. My family and I closed on our new house on Thursday, then left immediately to travel to Indiana and Ohio to enjoy some time with family. It was a quick trip, but very enjoyable. Now, we’re in the middle of ripping out carpeting and wallpaper in the new house. We hope to move at the end of this month. We are all very excited.

This month:

1. Aging Gracefully

2. Getting a Good Start

3. It’s a Mom’s World

4. Healthy Homes Promotion


Aging Gracefully

An article in the June 13th issue of US News & World Report discussed how to add years to your life. Their recommendations? Things we all know, or should know, but bears repeating.

The Right Foods: eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (no Wonder Bread!), lean meats, fish, low-fat or no-fat dairy. note: if you’re like me, this doesn’t reflect your daily diet. My solution? Small steps. Buy whole grain bread first. Then, make the effort to add something raw to each meal you eat. The point is that taking one step at a time will get you there!

Moderate Exercise: get moving! Do something for at least 30 minutes on most days. Also, add strength and flexibility exercises.

Response to Stress: manage your stress with exercise, stretching, breathing or other stress-control techniques.

Visit the Doctor: regular check-ups and testing can catch life-threatening illnesses while they’re still treatable.

Smoking: Don’t do it! If you do, quit.

Friendship: Make an effort to maintain a network of friends.

And, “Don’t rely on unproven supplements to improve your health, … There’s a lot of hype and not a lot of science behind them.” Quite true, which is why I’m thankful for the company I represent. Scientists (both hired by the company and independent labs) test their products to make sure they produce the desired result.


Getting a Good Start

Part of aging gracefully is getting a good start. This month, my website has a focus on children’s health. You’ll find testimonials and other features online. So, what do our children need for good health? Here’s what I give my children:

children’s chewable multi-vitamin (or powder for infants): The chewable vitamin provides 23 essential nutrients, including 100% of the B vitamins, trace minerals and much more. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Also, sugar-free – sweetened with xylitol and mannitol, which are actually good for teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

chewable calcium: Drinking milk isn’t enough! Prevent growing pains by giving your children calcium their bodies can absorb.

beneficial bacteria: An unbalanced diet or unfamiliar foods can upset the balance of beneficial bacteria in your child’s intestine. our product guarantees delivery of at least a half-billion live beneficial bacteria directly to the intestines.

meal shakes: Always on the go? These great-tasting shakes are “fast food without the guilt.” In fact, my husband loves them too.

I grew up on this chewable multi-vitamin and I loved it! My mom also found them valuable.

“When Michelle, Troy & Carrie were little, we ended up with two house payments for about nine months. In an effort to cut expenses, I stopped giving the children [this company's] vitamins. After a few months, I realized I had spent more time and money at the doctor’s office than I had spent on vitamins! I quickly ordered more, and our visits to the doctor’s office became much less frequent.”

My children love their vitamins. Even 23-month-old Isaac begs for his vitamins every morning.


It’s a Mom’s World

A recent article at entrepreneur.com focused on moms who are starting their own businesses. Read the full article here. Some points I found interesting:

*While it’s difficult to balance building a business with raising children, there are strategies to make it happen.

*When considering what kind of business to start, consider your passion and interests. Good businesses for moms generally involve the Internet in some way.

*The moms interviewed involved their children in their businesses.

If you think you’d be interested in starting your own business, consider joining the Healthy Homes team with Project MAHMA.

Click here to find out more about Project MAHMA.


Healthy Homes Promotion – 10% off on the 10th

Don’t forget! We at Healthy Homes offer a great discount if you order your Shaklee products on the 10th of the month. This month, the 10th is on Sunday. You can order via Internet, by calling Shaklee direct, or by calling Michelle at 847-212-8824. We’ll mail you a check at the end of the month once your rebate reaches $10 or more.

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