Wednesday, May 04, 2011


As I went looking for some books to review on my kid's book review blog, I came across this poem which I really love.

I found it in The Children's Book of Virtues edited by William J. Bennett.


The fisher who draws in his net too soon,
Won't have any fish to sell;
The child who shuts up his book too soon,
Won't learn any lessons well.

If you would have your learning stay,
Be patient - don't learn too fast;
The man who travels a mile each day,
May get round the world at last.

What a great reminder! I remember starting on my homeschooling journey, thinking how overwhelming the stack of books looked and wondering how we would get through them all.

One book at a time, that's how. Little bits each day over the past eight years have added up to hundreds of books read together, many more than once as my younger children started school. Now, as high school looms on the homeschool horizon, I sometimes wonder, "How?"

One day at a time. One subject at a time. One book at a time.

And in ten years, I will look back at our family's journey amazed at the distance we traveled.

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Beth said...

So true Michelle and thank you for the reminder on a day that has been a bit of a challenge at times. And now if I can persevere with a smile on my face. Love to you.

DoRe' said...

Love this; thanks so much for the reminder. :)

We're in decision-making time right now; the 1st-grader is quite certain she's missing out, being the only one of my girls having never attended public school. I'm considering sending her, and letting the experience speak for itself, but I just wish she didn't want to go in the first place--I love what we've created here, one book at a time. :)

Off to Hawaii next week; my brother is graduating from nursing school! :) It's rough, having to carry out family obligations in a tropical environment. ;-9 Have a great weekend!