Monday, July 12, 2010

Recovering, Remembering, Preparing

The children and I drove back from upper Michigan nearly a week ago. I have finally downloaded the pictures from our trip - a sure sign that I've recovered from the long drive.

One of our favorite activities in the UP is going on an adventure. My sister started the tradition a couple of years ago with a trip to Fayette, a restored iron smelting town. Now, my children eagerly anticipate each year's adventure.

This year, we went to Marquette, on Lake Superior. We visited the Marquette Maritime Museum & Lighthouse. It was beautiful, interesting and so fun!

Walking to the lighthouse

This was the coolest thing - a real periscope from a US submarine installed in the museum. The views were amazing - and so clear!

A view from the lighthouse of Marquette Harbor.

The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. Still operational, but fully automated.

If Nathaniel does not become a zoologist, he may become a geologist.
He finds the most fascinating rocks. We had to leave this one behind because it was US Government property.

one of the many attempts to get a picture of me and the children.

A great picture of my sister, Carrie, & her boyfriend, Omar.
It helps when there are no children.

The streets were full for the famous Gladstone July 4th parade.

We got there early for front row seats. Don't they look excited?

But by evening, a storm had moved in. Our sparklers were rained out and so were the fireworks.

The next day, we decided to try a mini-adventure - a trip to Sand Point Lighthouse in nearby Escanaba. It's no longer functional, so we could go to the very top.

Beautiful view! (honestly, I was nervous about the laundry I had hung on the line...)

Finally, a picture of me and the children where all cooperated! What? You can't see us? Oh, we're that dark spot to the right of the door to the tower. Don't we look lovely?

Those clouds did hold rain, and fireworks were rained out for the 2nd time. So were our sparklers. We decided to pull the car out of the garage, and celebrate the 4th inside with our sparklers, a day late.

We did have fun - especially with Carrie & Omar. Even without Papa, Nana and Daddy.

Now, it's time to prepare for Alaska, camps, etc. I have a whole lot of laundry to do (hopefully the broken washer will be fixed tonight or tomorrow), then a whole lot of packing.

It's been a crazy busy - but oh-so-much-fun - summer!

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