Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Red Hen

I harbor, deep in the back of my mind, a secret desire to raise chickens. I continually talk myself out of it - I hear they're messy, loud, a lot of work. Plus, we have spotted coyotes in our yard, not to mention the raccoons.

But I really, really love farm-fresh eggs and I think selling eggs would be a good little business for my kids.

Glen would never agree, so my now not-so-secret desire to raise chickens will stay a desire.

Instead, I will share this fun little poem I found in Eric Carle's Animals, Animals:

The Red Hen

She turned her head to this side;
She turned her head to that.
Looking round for tidbits,
Juicy ones and fat.

Scritchy-scratch went Red Hen's feet:
Nib-nob went her bill.
She ate of juicy tidbits,
Until she had her fill.

And then she flew into a nest
And laid an egg, and then.
With a cut-cut-cut, ca-dah-cut,
Flew off to eat again.

~James S. Tippett

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Molly Sabourin said...

I know of a suprising amount of families around here raising chickens! I think you and your kids would enjoy it! The coyotes, though, could prove to be a real problem. Let me know if you ever change your mind and I'll for sure buy some eggs from you! : )

Beth said...

Farm fresh eggs are the best. And hold on to your dream. I have a friend who when a bit older scrapped it all and bought a house in the country that she has turned into a flower farm. Her eggs are not only beautiful but like two days old when I get them. It is a great dream to have.

Also, love Eric Carle. One of the contemporary children's authors that I am sold out to.

pfd said...

Oh, Michelle... chickens? I don't think the coyotes would be too much of a problem but possibly your neighbors! My husband has that same secret desire ... not me!

Jennifer M. said...

I, too, harbor that desire. My husband would never allow, but he sure does eat his share of eggs!

Kris Livovich said...

I think most of us harbor the desire, secret or not! We have been talking of ways to get a couple chickens in our backyard. The town of Chesterton does not allow farm animals, but if we only had 4 or 5 hens and called them pets it would be ok, right?