Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some thought-provoking quotes

I've just finished reading Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki. A piano teacher I've been talking with recommended I read it.

I realized how western my mindset is while I was reading this book. I found I had to lay it down frequently because I was irritated by the wanderings of Suzuki's mind. In one part, he started a story about an expedition he was on in Japan, followed his thoughts down many different roads and finished the story quite a few pages later.

However, he said a few things that caught my attention and made me think:

pg 54 "Whatever work it may be, the way to success is, after all, to stick to one's intentions to the very last. Everyone is able to do it; it depends only on one's will."

Pg 56 "Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking a step at a time forward will surely get you there."

pg 89 "Harmony - in order to achieve it, one person must gracefully give in to the other, and it is nobler to be the one who gives in than the one who forces the other to give in."

pg 99 "There is no merit in just thinking about doing something. The result is exactly the same as not thinking about it. It is only doing the thing that counts. I shall acquire the habit of doing what I have in mind to do."

pg 106 "Children are really educated in the home..."

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