Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thursday night HealthBites

HealthBites - a way to hear how this company's products are changing people's lives.

Join us for a half-hour every Thursday night on the phone - you can clean your kitchen or fold laundry while you listen (nothin' like multi-taskin'!).

Calls start at 9pm central.
1-646-519-5860, 6437#

Here's the schedule for April, May & June, 2008:

April 10: Teresa - Dealing with Cancer
April 17: Harriet - GET GREEN with GET CLEAN
April 24: Kristi & Michelle - Natural Solutions for ADHD
May 1: Shawna - Going from ear infections to wellness
May 8: Michelle - Breathe. Why Air Source.
May 15: John - Riding (as in cycling) High on Health
May 22: Kristi - Natural ways to manage pain
May 29: Jane -
June 5: Jessica - Why I choose organizing and this company
June 12: Loren
June 19: Dr. Kevin - chiropractor
June 26: JoAnne - Healthy Cooking

That's me!

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