Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning to Let Go

This is something I wrote several years ago - but a great reminder for me today as I look at my family, my volunteer work and my business....
Oh, letting go is hard - especially for perfectionists! But, if you're going to build a successful business, then you've got to learn to let go.

Let go of the perfect house.
The dishes may sit a little longer than usual.
The toys may pile on occasion.

Let go of the perfect business.
You won't have all the time in the world to work. Pick your priorities carefully.
Some things will not get done, or will not get done as well as you'd like.

Let go of the perfect family.
Determine to take time to make memories with your children, but don't feel the need to be their entertainment. It's better for them developmentally, and better for you emotionally.

Learning to let go is hard. Today, decide one thing you can let go, so you can focus on your family or on your business.

Mine: I'm taking the rest of this afternoon off to take my children to the pool. We'll create memories, and be so exhausted we'll all drop into bed tonight. I'm letting go of clearing out my e-mail box today, which is clogged with e-mails from the weekend.

What are you letting go?

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