Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm thankful my children are healthy!

I had the opportunity to speak at a meeting this past weekend, and someone asked me if I have found giving my children this brand multi-vitamin saved me time and money.
My answer?  YES!
I had to take my six-year-old into the doctor this May for an ear infection.  At the office, I had to fill out new patient paperwork because we hadn't been to the doctor's office for almost a year and a half.  I was amazed!  When we first moved to Illinois from Florida, we were regular visitors to the doctor's office, and even though we only paid a co-payment, that adds up quickly with four children.  We were spending quite a bit of money on prescriptions too.  Not to mention time sitting in the waiting room, in the examining room, trying to keep four children from exploring all those interesting things in the examining room... just thinking about it makes me a bit stressed!
Then I started giving my children probiotics, in addition to their multivitamin.  And that dramatically cut the number of our doctors visits.
That's why I was surprised by this headline:
Basically it says "studies don't prove that multivitamins are good for kids."  Surprisingly enough, I'd agree with that.  The average, off-the-shelf, children's multivitamin is most likely not that great for kids.  It's probably made in the science lab and sweetened with artificial sweetener, also made in the science lab.  Our bodies don't absorb lab-created nutrients well, and the chemicals in artificial sweeteners - well, don't get me started.
That's why I only give my children this one.  And recommend it to others.  I grew up on this brand, and so I know it's safe, made from real food and has no artificial colors or sweeteners.  And no matter what "the studies" say, as grandma says, "the proof's in the puddin'." 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Saw your letter to the paper on Barbara Frank's blog. I loved it! I didn't know that this is where you hang out. I'll be visiting you.
See you soon,