Thursday, May 03, 2007

Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners make cleaning FUN!

Are you afraid you will have to give up a quality clean if you switch from regular cleaners to non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaners?  Not with these cleaners!
Here's what Christy K from Chicago says:
"I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the cleaning supplies!!! The bottles are so pretty, the sponge works better and faster than ANYTHING else I have tried. I have have tile 5 feet high in my kitchen and could never clean it properly. A sponge would just push the dirtiness into the cracks. With the shaklee sponge and All-Purpose Cleaner, years of grime just wipe away so easily.
I use the Window Cleaner on my chrome fixtures and they sparkle.  I have two sets of french doors with all that seperate glass and it all cleans so easily. I don't feel gross with the fumes from my old cleaners. Clean really feels clean - inside and out. Sticky grimy prints all come up. Oh and the scrubby part on the sponge is truly amazing. It feels soft but it really gets hard stuff off dishes. I haven't used the laundry soap yet, but the fabric softener really leaves things so nice and fluffy!
I was worried that it would be inconvenient to use and hard to get used to. But it really makes cleaning easy and fun. Yes, I said "fun". And I think anyone who tried it would love it."
Cleaning fun??  I didn't think those words could be used in the same sentence!  I think you ought to try these cleaners, don't you?

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