Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Project MAHMA

Project MAHMA

Moms At Home Making A difference... and a lot of money

We are developing a team of moms, who are interested in working from home, raising their children and providing a significant family income!

√ Is a 50 year old, highest integrity, healthy consumer products company
√ Is the #1 manufacturer of natural nutritional products in the United States
√ Spends more on research & development than anyone else
√ Has received more patents on new products in the last ten years than all
of the leading competitors combined
√ Provides an extraordinary home based business opportunity

√ Are a team of successful Shaklee business builders
√ Have a mission to help moms build successful Shaklee businesses quickly
√ Are dedicated to moms earning enough money to stay home with their children
√ Celebrate moms earning significant family incomes

Hear how Shaklee can help you have it all,

and make the world a better place for those you love.

Learn how you can be a Mom (or Dad) At Home…Making A Difference & a lot of money
by joining us Saturday mornings at 11 AM Eastern time at 1-212-990-8000 pin 6262#

Learn more about the opportunity with Shaklee here.
Learn more about me here.

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